Is Global Warming BS?

2 min readMar 25, 2022

The Cultured Warrior #042

My recent roasting of EWG has been largely fueled by listening to Dr. Patrick Moore on Paul Saladino’s Fundamental Health Podcast.

There is literally a lifetime (or more!) of science to pour over at and corresponding infographics at While you’re busy flaming EWG, you might as well tag / throw under the bus Epicurious, New York City Public Schools, Harvard Medical, WHO, and CDC, but I digress…

What I wanted to follow up on from last week is Why Regenerative Agriculture Still Matters even if climate change isn’t the doomsday we’ve been s/told.

  • Avoid carbon and emissions myopia,
  • Ensure nutrient density,
  • Ensure animal welfare,
  • Prevent and reverse desertification,
  • Promote soil diversity (healthier planet, plants, animals, and humans),
  • Decentralize your food system and support local farmers / businesses,
  • Use land, economic, and political resources efficiently.

On a different note, a recent meta-analysis concluded that:

“There is limited evidence on the effectiveness of statins for primary prevention with mixed findings from studies including participants with widely ranging baseline risks. Decision making for the use of statins should consider individual baseline risk, absolute risk reduction and whether risk reduction justifies potential harms and taking a daily medicine for life.”

I’ll keep my steak and eat it with butter too!

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